MEG Enterprises, LLC

Solutions for the fun food and cinema industries

    Solutions for the Fun Food and Cinema Industries

MEG Enterprises, LLC is the parent company for its business divisions focused on services and solutions for the concession and fun food service industry. Headquartered in Bethany Beach, Delaware, we have evolved into a tightly integrated family of service and supply companies, providing products and solutions for commercial cinema houses, concession fun food operators, restaurants, schools, midway vendors and the home theater supply and decor markets. We provide cinema themed, midway, concession and retro styled products and accessories tailored to the movie theater industry, the fun food midway and boardwalks and both the commercial and home entertainment community. We have stepped in to offer affordable and readily available products with nostalgic, vintage and contemporary appeal. Our Company mission is to provide quality products to the retailer and consumer at an affordable price point and available through a convenient purchasing venue. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.