MEG Enterprises, LLC

Solutions for the fun food and cinema industries
Our History
In January 2006, MEG Enterprises, LLC was born. Soon after, MEG Enterprises launched Home Theater Accessories which hosted our online retail sales venue providing home theater products, supplies and accessories to the home theater market. With the developing popularity of the Home Theater, there was new demand for both nostalgic and contemporary products to "bring the movie theater experience home". MEG Enterprises was there to provide these products and still do to this day! We continued to expand our product offerrings, product distribution and web retail venues and by the end of 2006 had secured reseller and dealer contracts with several major concession equipment & supplies manufacturers and became an authorized distributor and reseller for many popular concession products. Leveraging our volume direct buying power, MEG Enterprises was able to offer an affordable price point for the retail consumer. Early 2007 showed continued growth and expansion of both our product offerings and sales revenues.

Throughout 2007, MEG Enterprises aggressively expanded our business relationships with major concession equipment & supplies manufacurers as well as cinema houses, food service companies and movie theater supplies and decor manufacturers. Our authorized dealer status for many nationwide equipment and supplies vendors continued to grow. MEG Enterprises was forming new and profitable relationships with manufacturers and factory distributors. Our nationwide sales surpassed previous period revenues. Inventory management software and shipment processing systems were updated with leading technology software and print fulfillment equipment. Expansion in the Concession Supply market was our focus for the remainder of 2007, and several new concession food preparation equipment product offerings were released in late 2007. MEG Enterprises had now formed a dual focus; ie: the Concession Fun Foods industry AND the Home Theater marketplace.

MEG Enterprises was providing products and services to the home theater market and the small concession vendor. The target market focus were small theaters, schools, churches, booster clubs, boardwalk vendors, midway and carnival operators and other small sized food service vendors. Products were generally limited to table top appliances, portable food service equipment and residential use products.

In early 2008, as our customer base was growing substantially, we changed our market focus somewhat and moved more aggressively into the concessionaire marketplace and began providing equipment, supplies and accessories to larger theaters, larger schools and universities, larger concession stand operations, gas-n-go vendors, mini-marts and other small to medium sized businesses. Once again securing additional relationships with choice vendors and manufacturers and attaining competitive pricing on all of our prodcuts. Our goals for 2008 included participation in the Cinema Industry Concession Supply and Distribution Network as a Mid-Atlantic region supplier. MEG Enterprises was entering it's third year in business and we were revising our business model from the home theater accessories market niche to the full product line of professional concession equipment, supplies and accessories. As our target market changed to include larger concessionaires, a new business division, MEG Concession Supply was formed and the new  MEG Concession Supply online retail superstore was launched. MEG Concession Supply has proven to be a profitable divison of the MEG Enterprises' family of companies. 

In 2008, MEG Enterprises moved its Home Theater and Concession Supply e-commerce shopping venues to a new software platform providing consumers an improved online shopping experience. Also, the new software provided for improved product requisition, shipment fulfillment & tracking integration, inventory control, customer management and many other features to improve our business and customer relations.

Concession Equipment Repair ServicesNew to our MEG Enterprises family of companies in 2010 is two new informational websites, MEG Concession Parts and MEG Concession Repair. These two new sites are designed to assist the commercial concession equipment operator or vendor with obtaining parts, supplies and service for their equipment. Concession equipment is the heart of a concessionaires business, the largest investment they usually make, and the most directly connected with their ability to make and maintain a profitable business. We also offer a "contact us" page where you can submit inquiries or questions and we will try to help you find the answer. With a DIY theme, for cost savings, we provide services and guidance for self-help with concession equipment maintenance, refurbish & repair and full restoration. Most concession equipment is designed for years, if not decades, of use, so maintenance, parts replacement and operation restoration are key for the continued sucess of fun foods operations.

In 2010, our product offering was further expanded to include the full line of commercial-grade concession equipment from one of the leaders in the industry, Gold Medal Products Co. We continued to offer our other commercial grade concession equipment from many of the other top leading manufacurers, but we have established a market focus on the USA made quality equipment and products manufactured by Gold Medal in Cincinnati, Ohio. We also introduced many new and improved products for 2010 as well as the addition of NCAA officially licensed concession and restaurant equipment and home theater seating to our product lineup as well!

Concession Equipment Repair ServicesIn 2011, MEG Enterprises, LLC celebrated our 5th year anniversary. 
It has been an exciting and fun five years. It was over five years ago that MEG Enterprises, LLC made it's commitment to the Fun Foods industry and we have made great strides and achieved much of our initial goals and visions. 

We've re-focused some of our attention back on our MEG Directory™ in an ongoing effort to promote Fun Foods. Fun Foods is our path. Fun Foods is our mission. And we find it essential to provide a pathway for others to find and experience the best that Fun Foods has to offer. We are still offering free submissions to our directory so that other Fun Foods companies can work together with us to promote Fun Foods and get the message out and as far reaching as we can. 

We are also pleased to announce two brand new divisions to the MEG Enterprises, LLC Fun Foods lineup!  We are very exicited to announce our all new Swirly Fries® product. Swirly Fries® are being marketed as "Fried Potato Fun with a Swirl" and are available dressed up any which way you choose! Fun for all ages! We are just as excited about our wonderful new Torpedo Fries® known as "Fried Potato Fun on a Stick!" As you know, we are very passionate about Fun Foods and these fried potato treats are sure to bring smiles to everyone. We have more exciting new prospects for the new year, so stay tuned! Please visit our websites to learn more about these exciting new products. 


In 2012, we expanded our concession equipment maintenance effort, by ramping up our concession equipment replacement parts program. We now offer over 4,000 concession equipment replacement parts and accessories for five of the top concession equipment manufacturers. With current economic conditions, many concessionaires are finding it increasingly important to their bottom line to maintain their equipment in operating condition for longer periods. Purchasing new equipment is now much more difficult, so keeping their current equipment operating and extending its lifetime is paramount. We now offer, for free download, equipment operating and user guides and more information on specific parts required for your equipment. We've also increased our marketing efforts for our Swirly Fries® and Torpedo Fries® product lines positioning them for an expanded market in 2013. Our Concession Equipment, Supplies and Accessories online web directory service MEG Directory™ is now providing hundreds of usefull links and websites for the concessionaire to locate equipment and supplies quickly and easily, all from one website! On our sales websites, we've also introduced the "Ask Us a Question About this Product" online quicklink to allow users to inquire about a specific product and receive a detailed reply from one of our product support staff within hours right to their email inbox!

2013 found MEG Enterprises continuing the growth of the concession supplies and parts divisions, with focus again re-aimed at the replacement parts program. With tightening economy, and concessionaires strapped for cash, the need to keep current equipment operational as opposed to purchase of new equipment, our position in the replacement parts venue maintained it's importance. MEG Enterprises also focused on promotion of our Swirly Fries® product on the Delaware shore market place.

In 2016, MEG Enterprises adjusted focus once again, and set course to concession equipment maintenance, replacement parts and cleaning. We scaled back our concession equipment and supplies online presence, although we still provide a limited number of products through the online marketplace. Facilities management is an important aspect to organizations within the concession industry, and professional cleaning services became our primary focus. As a result, in late 2017, the DelMar Pro Wash™  division was born. DelMar Pro Wash provides professional cleaning services for external equipment, roofs, walls, sidings and concrete and stone surfaces/walkways and dumpster pads and drive-thru areas in the southern Delaware/Maryland region.